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Private Client Philosophy

Ancora Private Client Group believes proper asset allocation and diversification are critical to long term success in the markets. Most investors, however, look at diversification simply along the lines of stocks, bonds and cash, known as the "60/40" or "balanced" approach and analyze their diversification only when markets become turbulent. To us that is like attempting to buy flood insurance when the river is cresting its bank. 

At Ancora, we go a step further than traditional balanced models in helping clients preserve, protect and grow their assets by incorporating additional asset classes such as real assets (commodities, REITs and infrastrucure assets such as oil and gas pipeline operators) and alternative investments (lower correlation, non long only/hedged strategies) into client portfolios when appropriate. The purpose of including these additional asset classes is to generate a potentially more diversified pool of return streams contributing to the portfolio. This approach can be beneficial when managing risk in today's volatile and varied markets. 

Some have called this approach of including lower correlation investments into the asset allocation the "Endowment Model", because it is the approach used by many of the country's largest university endowments and family foundations to manage and diversify multi billion dollar portfolios. We call it just plain smart and believe it to be a sound method for diversifying risk. Through the use of individual securities, index oriented products, active funds, closed end funds, proprietary strategies, non-long only and hedged offerings, Ancora has developed a solution that brings many of the benefits of this traditionally institutional approach to the individual investor. 

Rest assured, however, that we will listen to your goals and tailor our "all weather" approach to your specific needs. For example, we can emphasize income producing securities across multiple asset classes for a retired client while focusing more on capital appreciation opportunities for a younger client. In either case, over the long term we believe our more diversified approach, which incorporates traditional and non traditional asset classes into a comprehensive, diversified portfolio solution, is among the best ways that we know to ensure that client goals and objectives are met regardless of the ever changing and volatile market environment. 

For more information on Ancora Private Client Group's services please contact Fred DiSanto, Chief Executive Officer,, 216-825-4000 or John Micklitsch, CFA, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer,, 216-825-4000.